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this is Klaus!

I‘m a certified leader, business and mental coach for reflective & ambitious  persons  who want to shape their life.

I'm from Vienna, Austria and provide my services online, in person and  places of agreement.

Is there is something in your life that doesn‘t correspond to your personal or professional vision anymore ?

Do you feel you are not doing the right things and it's time for action ?

Keep reading how to take the first steps.

My strengths when it counts the most

  I’m both structured AND compassionate

  I have a positive,  future oriented & systemic approach

  I live my strengths, values & express expectations

  I am an open person encouraging others to express their thoughts & feelings

•  I believe you can influence moving in the right direction

  I love to move and develop


  I stay calm no matter the situation

  I’m analytical & intuitive at the same time

  I’m  honest to myself & my clients

  I express myself in a positive way

  I’m compassionate –

    communicating  facts & feelings

My core

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