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Coaching by Klaus Schludnig

One single bird of a swarm
can initiate a change
in flight direction!
Do you want me to be the one?



Business- & Mental-Coach
Focus on Solutions & Creating differences
Transformation- & Change Management

My Mission


Let me be your trusted business- & mental coach,

I guide you through an inspiring process.


You will focus on solutions – feel the difference –

empower yourself to create change – step by step –

in your life and organisation.

Klaus Schludnig Coaching 1090 Wien

who is klaus?

I’m genuine, compassionate, committed & structured - with a positive mindset, always in motion.

I radiate a sense of calm,

I’m intuitive and honest, I communicate facts and feelings with a positive attitude.

My Portfolio



  Personal development | organisational development

•  Incremental change

•  Mindset for success and achieving targets

•  Managing transformation & change effectively


•  1:1 Coaching

•  Group Coaching

•  Cultural Transformation Programs

•  One day with your Coach – Journey


What my clients say


Lydia Wazir

Engagement Expert

Global People & Culture Competence Center

RHI Magnesita

Klaus has a heart of gold. He is empathic, kind, caring and selfless. His coaching style is rich in depth, unique and varied, stemming from his own vast experience and training. He infuses each coaching session with a variety of techniques and tools that will keep you thinking long after the session. I can honestly say that Klaus changed my life.

Kostmann Coaching & Consulting _ 7 von 56 _ by www.jurijstoerzel_edited.jpg

Kirsten Kostmann

Founder Kostmann Coaching & Consulting

Klaus is a  warm-hearted person and an empathic coach with a big heart. He is blessed with an outstanding talent of immersing himself into every single coaching session, both online and offline, instantly recognizing my needs. Empathy, experience and his huge varienty of methods is key to find the essence. Thanks to his personal style of asking the right questions I have managed to identify my patterns of thinking, feeling and acting and to adapt my mindset in a positive way. With Klaus' guidance I have been able to gain more clarity and to take my own brave decisions. I am really grateful to have Klaus by my side as a coach.


Felicitas Morhart

 Professor of Marketing

HEC Lausanne 

Klaus is my guardian angel. Supportive, wise and caring. He is a real angel that feels and catches you at the right moment, has a deep and honest dialogue with you, and lets you do YOUR work in your own rythm. He nudges you to have the deep and honest dialogue with yourself. And he is there while you are doing it – with his warmth and own fascination. Klaus has shifted me at least one level up in the consciousness of my way with a tailor-made mix of body and mind techniques that easily bypass your tried-and-tested cognitive routes. I'm ready for the next level of consciousness


Sophie Linguri Coughlan

Associate Director IMD Global Board Center 

Klaus is a highly gifted coach: he combines an ability to listen deeply and compassionately with an intuitive sensitivity to tune into my emotions and blocks to my energetic best self. Through his questions, I am able to clearly see what is in my way. His exercises then help me to identify strategies to choose new paths of action and growth.

When I’m struggling or feeling stuck, Klaus’ sessions leave me feeling empowered, lighter and stronger, filled with new ideas and resources.

Flugzeug über den Wolken

„A great coach can take you to a place where you no longer need them.“

Andre Agassi

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